Self-Guided Projects

Each month I undertake an analytics project with the aim of developing my skills and gaining insights into areas of interest to me. I aim to do an hour each day, so each of the projects is about 30 hours of work including project planning, software set-up, and learning new concepts. As much as possible I try to cover different technologies and areas of analytics. Below you can find a summary of each project and a link to the full project article. The code for each project is available on my GitHub .

May 2023 -- Create a Quantified Self Dashboard -- R (shiny & ggplot2) & SQL

In this Quantified Self project I created a web app which allows me to input data on my habits, health, and exercise, store the data in a remote database, and present the data over time through two dashboards. I used R shiny to create the data entry form and dashboard interface, Azure SQL Database for data storage, and R ggplot2 for data visualisation. Sample data and code are available on GitHub .

April 2023 -- Explore & Clean Data -- SQL

In this project I practiced SQL for data cleaning and initial exploration using SQL Server Management Studio. Starting with an untidy dataset, I gained an overview of the table structure; identified column definitions, data types, and constraints; checked for missing and erroneous data; and produced summary statistics such as ranges and measures of central tendency for continuous variables and category counts for categorical variables. I cleaned the dataset by converting dates, splitting text fields, removing duplicates, and recoding categorical variables. Finally, I produced a view containing a subset of records which may be more useful in certain cases such as predictive modelling. I used intermediate to advanced SQL concepts such as subqueries, self joins, window functions, common table expressions, and views. Data and code are available on GitHub .

March 2023 -- Create a Portfolio Website -- HTML & CSS

The aim of this project was to develop a portfolio website to document and present my self-guided analytics projects. I developed the site from scratch using HTML and CSS. I’m not a web developer but I do have some background in web development through a university module and some self-guided study. While this project isn’t strictly data or behavioural science, I have decided to include it as part of my portfolio because it demonstrates some transferrable skills, and I believe web development knowledge is useful to have in any data role. Code is available on GitHub .